Let’s start over from 3....SAIE3

28 February 2013

The opening of SAIE3, the international exhibition of windows, doors, shutters and finishings for interiors and exteriors, and Lucia Alberghini’s Project, presented last May as an innovative and highly specialized meeting for the fields involved, is now a reality ready for a great debut. The market has responded very well to the news and on February 28 we will open an exhibition of 35 square meters. Also the idea of hosting the event in Bologna, thanks to President of BolognaFiere Duccio Campagnoli’s trust, has proven successful in view of the strategic position of Emilia-Romagna’s capital – not only geographically – in Italy and Europe. 

The proposal is absolutely innovative: a vertical exhibit that lasts 3 days in which all the best of the industry is exposed. It can be visited in 8 hours, so it is accessible and up with the pace of the operators’ activity, thanks to a great time optimization, possible with the electronic diary. The event crosses and integrates the commercial side with the cultural one. It is actually the cultural aspect to dictate the guidelines and act as a benchmark for the development of the exhibition proposals.

One example is “8 porte sul futuro” (8 doors on the future), the exhibit that was born to interpret and underline the ideas, the values and the insights found in “Italiani di domani – 8 porte sul future” (Tomorrow’s Italians – 8 doors on the future), Beppe Severgnini’s latest book, which serves as entrance and thematic guide to the show.

Another example is the new edition of Futurdesign, which is the portion of the show where the future has the lead. In this area you will find 8 new installations, as well as a retrospective on the productions created from 1996 to date by the exponents of design, interior design, art, photography, communication and architecture in response to the need to live the future, imagining it, anticipating it and especially projecting it. The main characters will be the artists, archistars and designers such as Marco Lodola, Andrea Branzi, Karim Rashid, Giulio Cappellini, Daniel Libeskind, Guillermo Mariotto. Along with them, one year from his death, you can find Lucio Dalla’s work “Ci vediamo a pranzo da me” (Let’s meet for lunch) – a personal interpretation of Leonardo Da Vinci’s famous masterpiece “The Last Supper”, already star of the 2001 Futurdesign edition – which will be revived and enhanced with a video in which Bologna’s famous singer talks about his idea of Future.

Also the exhibit “UP IN THE SKY, campanili dal mondo. Progetti per la ricostruzione post terremoto” (UP IN THE SKY, bell towers from the world. Planning the post-earthquake reconstruction) looks at the future. Here architects and designers will present their ideas and projects for the reconstruction of the bell towers that fell or were damaged by the earthquake that last spring hit Emilia-Romagna. Alongside with the projects for new bell towers, that have always been a symbol of community and an expression of a whole country, you will find the photos of the damaged ones. Giving life to a time when past and present can come together to create a future of hope.

Among SAIE3’s pavilions you will also find the exhibit “Firme e Colori” (Colors and Signatures) where a selection of the most representative exponents of the international artistic world (architecture, design, visual arts, photography, fashion, etc.) are invited to submit their signature, the most personal of calligraphic marks, and a selection of three colors as an expression of their creative identity. The project involves over 100 architects, designers, fashion designers, artists, sports champions, actors and singers, such as Alessandro Mendini, Karim Rashid, Claudio Bellini, Paul Chemetov, Mario Botta, Andrea Branzi, Silvia Suardi, Aldo Cibic, Mario Cucinella, Natalie Du Pasquier, Claudio Nardi, Maria Christina Hamel, Pier Luigi Cerri, Anna Gili, Michele De Lucchi, Terry Dwan, Massimo Iosa Ghini, Ugo La Pietra, Mario Bellini, Matteo Thun, Denis Santachiara, Fernando E Humberto Campana, Shigeru Ban, Matali Crasset, Alvaro Siza, Karim Rashid, Marco Lodola, Jacopo Foggini, Maurizio Galimberti, Andrearauch, Luigi Serafini, Elio Fiorucci, Diego Dolcini, Mariuccia Mandelli Krizia,  Nanni Strada, Agatha Ruiz De La Prada.

Each of them was asked to choose their three favorite colors: the result is their “colored portrait”, kind of a chromatic identity. The three indicated colors, inserted dramatically in the visitor’s tour, will also emphasize 2013 tendency colors.

Another exhibit situation has to do with PVC, a material with multiple uses in everyday life that has grown by 40% in the last year in the windows, doors and shutters industry. The material’s qualities – especially of an economic nature (windows in PVC do not need any further maintenance) – are still not very known.

The exhibit dedicated to the material will therefore be a useful tool to become familiar with it and all the possible everyday life uses it has, with a focus on its life cycle, design and how PVC can be useful in the architectural restoration necessary in a historical city center.

In fact historical city centers are the focus of “Le Città Parlanti” (Talking Cities), the initiative dedicated to urban design and environmental sustainability: it is an international forum, a fair show and an exhibit. Urban design is a fundamental element of the image of a city. This is why, together with the approval of the new dehors regulation by the municipality of Bologna, SAIE3 is organizing an exhibit on dehors and smart urban furniture such as park benches where you can charge electric devices and photovoltaic bus shelters.

The international forum on urban design and furniture will have as main characters international guests and administrators of other Italian towns, one of the goals of the discussion will be turning Bologna into a model worth following.

During SAIE3, Reed Business, cooperating with Centro Marketing di Vicenza, will present the data from Osservatorio Serramenti 2013 (Windows, Doors and Shutters Observatory 2013), a report that illustrates the current market situation and describes the expectations for the future. A significant sample of producers and retailers of all types of windows, doors and shutters participated to the observatory. As well as the predictable shadows on the current economic situation, the report emphasizes the bright side of a market that not only is handling the crisis, but it is also preparing for the future recovery.

SAIE3 wants to thank ANFIT and PVC Forum Italia, organizations that have proven to be sensitive to the project and active in its realization, for the worthy cooperation; it hosts companies and groups from the field that, with their massive participation, underline the will and capacity to invest and look positively to the future, the ability to plan it and control its dynamics, and that have understood and adhered concretely to the theme of the exhibition:

“Behind the eight doors we do not necessarily find success.

But for sure there is a better life and Italy”

Beppe Severgnini