2012. Anfit report the results obtained from its associates

28 February 2013

ANFIT (Associazione Nazionale per la Tutela della Finestra Made in Italy), the organization that represents the companies in the field for total revenues of over 150mln Euros and that fights every day for its associates to defend them from foreign competitors, does not record the significant losses that other window producers in Italy have. “Our associates,” says Piero Mariotto, director of ANFIT, “represent a countertrend in the market, the construction one, that has now suffered the crisis for years. The explanation must be looked for in our great attention to Green Economy, the only true engine for change. The data recently published on the value of sales in real estate are consoling; they show a substantial growth of 5%-6% of residences of Energetic Class A; the trend is equal and opposite for the housing that do not comply with the minimum requisites by law for the Energetic Class.

We believe that this difference will grow in the future, by rewarding all compartments that care about innovation, energetic saving, environmental sustainability and the Green Economy in general.
The ANFIT associates have been working for years to increase the energetic, thermal and acoustic performance of their products, presenting windows, doors and shutters that are highly efficient to the market. Today, thanks to this long-term objective, pursued in the years notwithstanding the difficulties met, especially in the last four years that have seen a drop in the market for new constructions by 47%, the ANFIT associates can claim an average increase in their revenues by 15% (with peaks of over 40%) respect to 2011, a year that was already considered positive.

Other segments of the field, first of all aluminum, report for the same reasons big losses in revenue. We are therefore happy to send a message of hope to a field that has greatly suffered where, just counting our associates, 800 people are employed directly and over 3000 along the process (mostly retailers). As an association, ANFIT is trying to have some regulations approved in Italy, instruments that would allow Europe’s regulation (pacchetto Clima Energia 20-20-20) to become eventually operative. We are also trying to have the “label energetico dei serramenti” (energetic doors and shutters label) approved, which could only help PVC, the only material that at the moment guarantees the best performance/quality/price ratio".